IAE News You Can Use — Q4 2016
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Spreading With Stoltzfus

GVM’s E-Series Prowler offers more options than most custom application units, and their recent partnership with Stoltzfus Spreaders of Morgantown, PA provides customers with yet another spreading option.

The Stoltzfus drop boom spreaders are a perfect solution for spreading dusty materials including pelletized litter, fertilizer, and lime. Built from 304 stainless steel to hold a 316 cubic foot capacity, the 12 foot spreader features a hydraulic driven 24 inch pintle chain with slats at every second link with variable rate control. Spreading up to 32 feet, the 32 foot conveyor-style boom can apply products over five 80 inch beds in a single pass. The drop style spreader reduces dust and mid-air separation of light and heavy particles and requires no overlap in pattern. The conveyor style chain returns excess material to ensure a level spread pattern.

Custom options on the Stoltzfus drop spreader include: variable rate controls and independent slides to allow for a full or partial pattern, drop tube assemblies, and boom ground clearance.