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Levels of Trauma Accreditation The Trauma centers vary in their specific capabilities and are identified by their “Level” of Accreditation. Hospitals can be dually accredited as both a pediatric and adult trauma center. Trauma Center Accreditation is awarded to an entire hospital not just the emergency department of the hospital. In Pennsylvania there are four levels of trauma centers: • Adult • Adult • Adult • Adult Level Level Level Level I Trauma Center & Pediatric Level I Trauma Center II Trauma Center & Pediatric Level II Trauma Center III Trauma Center IV Trauma Center D ev el o P I n g LEVELS OF TRAUMA ACCREDITATION rural Across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania GENERAL ChARACTERISTICS trauma centers LEVEL I TRAUMA CENTERS • Multidisciplinary treatment and specialized resources for the most severe trauma patients Improving Access to Trauma Centers • Trauma research • A surgical residency program LEVEL II TRAUMA CENTERS • The same quality of care as a Level I trauma center • Do not require research, a surgical residency or as a high an annual volume of trauma patients. • Same physician specialists as a Level I except no requirement for: Cardiac Surgery, Hand Surgery, Vascular Re-Implantation capabilities, Neurology, Physiatry and Psychiatry. (Most Level II trauma centers in PA do have these specialties.) LEVEL III TRAUMA CENTERS • Smaller, community hospitals that care for patients with moderate injuries and have the ability to stabilize the severe trauma patient in preparation for transport to a higher level trauma center. • Fewer physician specialists than Level II trauma centers. Only trauma surgery and orthopedic surgery are required. No medical physician specialists are required beyond emergency medicine. • Must be 25 miles away from another trauma center. LEVEL IV TRAUMA CENTERS • Provide enhanced trauma services in rural underserved regions of Pennsylvania with a focus on optimizing trauma care within the Emergency Department. • Provide initial care and stabilization of traumatic injury while arranging transfer to a higher level of trauma care. Pennsylvania Trauma sysTems FoundaTion | 2012 annual rePorT 2012 Annual Report | 1

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