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Adams County Legal Journal Vol. 51 October 2, 2009 CLE in Gettysburg Course Title: “Appellate Pitfalls and Pointers for the General Practitioner” Course Description: Lunch ’N Learn, Brown Bag lunch Fees: None Attorneys Debra P. Fourlas and Kandice J. Giurintano, of McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC, will present “Appellate Pitfalls and Pointers for the General Practitioner”. With appellate practice becoming more and more technical and specialized, general practitioners and others who venture only rarely into the appellate forum may face more difficulties than in the past in complying with the appellate rules. This presentation cov- ers the basic mechanics of taking an appeal, including the Notice of Appeal, Docketing Statement, Statement of Matters Complained of on Appeal, and designation of the Reproduced Record. It also offers both mechan- ical and substantive hints for producing an appellate brief that is persuasive and in compliance with applicable rules. There will be a brief discussion of processes after the initial appeal, including applications for reargu- ment and petitions for allowance of appeal (allocatur). Finally, time permitting, there will be a short presenta- tion on recent changes in the appellate rules that are creating a family law fast track through the appellate process. (1.0 hour, substantive) Date and Time: Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 12:00 Noon Class Address: Adams County Courthouse, Jury Assembly Room, 4th Floor, 117 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325 Registration – please contact: Liz Sharpe, McNees Wallace & Nurick, LLC Phone: (717) 237-5447, Fax: (717) 237-5300, Email: No. 20, pp. 126–130 (1)

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