Adams County Legal Journal May 8, 2015 : Page 1

Legal Journal Vol. 56 May 8, 2015 No. 52, pp. 311-317 Adams County IN THIS ISSUE KATHY MARIE HUFF, ADMINISTRATIX OF THE ESTATE OF MELISSA ANN HUFF, DECEASED VS. JEFFREY A. MOSER, JOHN DOE, ACUMEN CONTRACTING, INC., PETE VITI, TAVERNA, INC., TAVERNA 5450, TOM M. KALATHAS, NICK KALATHAS, LASHAY, KALATHAS, JOHN DOE 2, AND JANE DOE This opinion is continued from the last issue (May 1, 2015). Benefit from local, experienced advisors with only your goals in mind. Contact a local Trust Officer today and start building a solid future. (1)