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Field Day Events & Vote Mako

Independent Ag Employees wish to thank our vendors and most of all our valued customers for their past and continued support! We pledge to work to help you become protable with the best equipment we can offer and to provide support of that equipment with trained and knowledgeable employees.<br /> <br /> Have a safe and bountiful fall season!<br /> Jim Collins<br /> <br /> INDIANA FIELD DAY HIGHLIGHTS<br /> <br /> Indiana’s annual Field Day was held on September 9, 2015, and we had one of the best turnouts we’ve ever had. A great mix of valued customers and supportive vendors joined us for the day. Vendors in attendance were GVM, Wacker Neuson, Norwood Sales, Norwesco, Staffco, Ag Leader, TeeJet, Hypro, Ace Pump, Mid-State Tank, and Micro-Trak.<br /> <br /> GVM owner, Mark Anderson, introduced the broad line of GVM equipment, which included the 2016 E370 Prowler with an 11 ton Double Duty spreader, a 2015 Prowler E325 Prowler spreader and sprayer, and last but not least, the new GVM Mako 400HC. Ride and drives followed and we received a lot of great feedback on the ride and overall comfort of the GVM equipment.<br /> <br /> Wacker Neuson introduced their newest loaders and our customers demoed the WL36 articulated loaders. Customers also got to practice moving tires with the GVM tire handler on the WL36 loader.<br /> <br /> Following an excellent lunch served by Market Street Grill, we held a door prize drawing with items provided by IAE and all of the vendors that were present.<br /> <br /> Gary Horner from the Miami County Purdue Extension Office presented, e Safe Practice of Spraying Paraquat, course for custom applicators, which gained a lot of interest from both our customers and vendors.<br /> <br /> Thank you to all of our customers for coming out and spending this much anticipated day with us. We are grateful for each and every one of you and wish you a safe and successful harvest!<br /> <br /> —Dustin Lake, General Manager<br /> <br /> OHIO FIELD DAY HIGHLIGHTS<br /> <br /> Ohio’s Field Day on September 10, 2015 was a great success! Luckily, the weather man was wrong; it didn’t rain. Our turnout was excellent, and temperatures were in the mid-70’s, a break from the previous week’s heat.<br /> <br /> We were once again grateful for the good turnout from our many loyal customers. At the event we introduced the GVM MAKO 400HC self-propelled sprayer and the new GVM Prowler. ?e 2016 Prowler features a 330 or 370 horsepower Cummins 8. 9L engine paired with a Funk 11-speed powershift transmission, requiring no inching pedal, and adjustable axles. The new Prowler is available with a 1400 or 1800 gallon tank, up to 120 foot booms, and up to an 11 ton dry capacity. Many refinements have been made to the 2016 models. Most of the day was spent riding and/or driving GVM equipment throughout the entire day.<br /> <br /> Wacker Neuson introduced their broad line of loaders. They offer several sizes and configurations including a new skid steer loader as well articulated wheeled loaders.<br /> <br /> We once again partnered with OSU Extension Agent, Mike Gastier, as he offered classes on the new fertilizer application regulations and procedures for anyone applying fertilizer to their ground. Beginning in the fall of 2016, every applicator and/or farmer that applies NPK to their crops will be required to become certified. Mike’s presentation helped many stay ahead of the process and stay in compliance.<br /> <br /> Many vendors were present to show their products. Door prizes were numerous and presented right after a delicious, catered lunch that has become tradition at our Field Days.<br /> <br /> —Jim Collins, Vice President, Ohio and Indiana<br /> <br /> PENNSYLVANIA FIELD DAY HIGHLIGHTS<br /> <br /> Pennsylvania wrapped up this year’s show season with our final Field Day on September 17th. As usual, we had a great turnout, some delicious food, and spent a lot of time introducing our new products.<br /> <br /> In addition to our new product introduction, we hosted a class for custom applicators and were able to offer certification credits for Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Penn State University Extensions, Dwight Lingenfelter taught the course titled, Ways to Improve Your Weed Control.<br /> <br /> Our new product introduction included:<br /> <br /> • GVM Mako 400HC<br /> <br /> • GVM Adjustable Axle Prowler<br /> <br /> • Wacker Neuson SW28 Skid Steer, Fertilizer Edition<br /> <br /> • AgriImage Unmanned Aerial Systems<br /> <br /> We wrapped up the day with a pig roast lunch, lots of door prizes, and some more ride and drives.<br /> <br /> Many of our customers also took advantage of our overstock clearance sale in Biglerville to stock up on parts for their business.<br /> <br /> Field Days are our favorite way to show our appreciation for our many valuable vendors and customers. Our employees work hard each year to make this a valuable, enjoyable, and fun event. We’d love to hear any suggestions for improving the events to make them more valuable.<br /> <br /> —Erin Hutchison, Marketing Director<br /> <br /> Visit us on facebook for a full recap of this year’s Field Days! We captured some great photos of our machines in action!<br /> <br /> VOTE for the MAKO<br /> <br /> We’re proud to announce that the GVM Mako has been named one of the five finalists for the 2015 CropLife IRON Product of the Year!!<br /> <br /> The final winner will be chosen through votes made by CropLife IRON readers with encouragement from the manufacturers involved in the competition. Voting is open from now through October 30. The grand prize winner trophy for Product of the Year will be presented at one of the winter trade shows.<br /> <br /> Please take a couple of minutes to vote for the Mako, and to pass this link along to your industry friends to vote for the Mako!<br /> <br /> Vote here: http://www.croplife.com/equipment/2015-product-of-the-yearvoting/<br /> <br /> Did you miss the Mako at Field Day? Call any of our Independent Ag Equipment locations to set-up a time to check it out!<br />

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