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SAVE BIG ON NH3 PRODUCTS! Raven Radar Gun with Cable Measures true ground speed under actual field conditions. .................... Part No. 117-0159-822 Raven/Dickey-john Interface Cable Part No. 115-0159-526 (continued) NH3 Nylon Braided Hoses Assemblies with factory end. Used for nurse tanks. Black perforated wrapped neoprene cover with continuous green stripe, tube is neoprene with multiple textile braids. Description 1 in. Assemblies 3' Hose 10' Hose 12' Hose 15' Hose 1-¼ in. Assemblies 3' Hose 10' Hose 12' Hose 15' Hose 25' Hose Other lengths available on request. EVA Tubing For anhydrous ammonia, aqua ammonia, herbicides, phosphates and all liquid fertilizers. Description ⅜" 500' reel ½" 100' or 500' reel ¾" 250' reel 1" 100' or 200' reel *Blue also available Raven Wheel Drive Speed Sensor Part No. 063-0159-484 Part No. AA100-3-NY AA100-10-NY AA100-12-NY AA100-15-NY AA125-3-NY AA125-10-NY AA125-12-NY AA125-15-NY AA125-25-NY Raven Extension Cables . 12' .................................. Part No. 115-0159-032 24' .................................. Part No. 115-0159-018 Part No. EVA038 EVA050 EVA075 EVA100 Dickey-john Radar Gun Measures true ground speed under actual field conditions. Part No. RSV2 SS Hose Clamps . ⅜" .................... Part No. MYCH-6SS ½" .................... Part No. MYCH-8SS 1" ................... Part No. MYCH-12SS TeeJet GPS Speed Sensor Measure true ground speed, then delivers a fre-quency signal compatible with the radar speed signal input on most controls and monitors. For use with Raven console. Part No. 90-02404 ACME Cap Threaded/Plastic Part No. A2080C Water Containers Description Top mount container Side mount container Part No. 85000 76411 Mole Knives, Shanks, & Coulter Blades Wako Mag 50 with Beavertail Sealer 1-½ x 2-½ in. 5160 springs steel. Easy pulling and long wearing. Part No. MAG50/BTS Wako Mag 40 with Beavertail Sealer ⅜ x 2-½ in. 5160 Spring Steel. Excellent wear life, works well with rolling coulters, and in sodgrass application. Part No. MAG40/BTS Toolbar Shanks 1 x 2 in. flat “chisel” shank. Mounting hole is 13 ⁄ 16 in. This shank requires knife side-plate brackets. Description Side mount flat 1" x 2" BlueJet 1 ¼" Coil sq. BlueJet 1 ¼" Coil sq. DMI Part No. KSC-1298 KSC-1295 KSC-95 KSC-90 Hi-Pro Manufacturing Mole Knife Available with ⅜ in. or ½ in. tubes. Double tube or specialty tubes are available. Part No. B33-38 Hi-Pro Manufacturing Side Dress Mole Knife Part No. B33SD38 Other Sizes Available 20 in. Fluted Coulter Blades Made with chrome-boron steel, these coulter blades provides long wear life and resistance to breakage. Part No. 2571-168 Disc Sealers Adjustable blade pitch for precise sealing bolts onto 1 x 2 in. and 1-¼ x 2 in. flat shanks, 1-¼ in. square-coil shanks and 2 in. shanks. Available with a variety of blade options, including 12 in. smooth, 13 ⅝ in. notched, 16 in. smooth, and notched blades can be set to pinch slot closed or catches soil to cover slot. Spring-loaded to follow the soil surface for superior closing action. Description 16" Notched 16" Smooth Part No. 2920-016-N 2920-016 GVM NH3 Wagons • Comes completely assembled • Heavy duty retractable tongue with greasable bushings • Grease fittings on hubs and on 5th wheel plate • 14,000 GVW capacity • 1,000 or 1,450 gal. tank • 3.5 x 3.5 tube tongue • 501349 inner bearing • LM67048 outer bearing • 2 in. cold rolled spindle • 2 in. cold rolled king pin • ⅜ x 16 in. plated 5th wheel • 6-on-6 hub • 60 -80 in. adjustable track width • Black powder coated finish Free freight on all NH3 orders through January 30, 2017* *Free freight does not apply to tanks, nurse trailers, or wagons. 4 | NEWS YOU CAN USE | www.IndependentAg.com | PA: 800.345.3546 | OH & IN: 800.848.8460

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