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contracts in a growing, competitive marketplace,” says Walter Moore, president and CEO of APPI Energy. Every day, APPI Energy identifies the wide range of electricity supplier prices across Pennsylvania, and the lowest prices available from reliable, competing suppliers. APPI Energy offers an online Price Finder tool that tracks electricity supplier prices. “In a three-step process that takes only a few minutes, PA Chamber members can select their utility to view electricity prices in their specific location,” says Moore. The website provides multiple competitive price offers from multiple suppliers. PA Chamber members who are currently locked into electricity supplier contracts can use the Price Finder tool to take advantage of today’s low energy prices in contracts that begin when their current contracts expire. “As we look out to the future, we know that we have to continue to stay ahead of the curve, to develop things like the Electricity Price Finder to make it easier for our customers to do business,” says Kathy Kiernan, senior vice president of APPI Energy. Workforce Development APPI Energy is a longtime supporter of PA Chamber Workforce Development efforts. “Workforce development is an important part of Pennsylvania’s future. The Pennsylvania Chamber is leading the way, helping employers to prepare,” says Kiernan. “Knowing how challenging it is to find qualified employees, APPI Energy supports PA Chamber Workforce Development efforts by attending events, financially contributing to programs and engaging with employers on different levels.” Carrie Shepard from APPI Energy met Mike Rowe at the PA Chamber’s Workforce Summit in 2016, where APPI Energy was a sponsor. Procurement Process APPI Energy consultants will: 1. Save you time. Analyze your energy usage and existing supplier contracts. 2. Place you first. Always advocate for you, not the supplier or utility. 3. Minimize risk. Vet supplier contracts and monitor regulatory changes. 4. Reduce confusion. Obtain the best price and contract terms and conditions. 5. Transition smoothly. Administer paperwork, manage transitions. 6. Provide data-driven solutions. Offer unbiased recommendations, client education. 7. Maintain customer service excellence. Monitor the market and your accounts, identify future solutions. By the Numbers Managing 9.3 billion kilowatt hours of electricity and 16.3 million dekatherms of natural gas, APPI Energy provides data-driven Customer Service The APPI Energy Customer Service team interacts on your behalf with utilities and suppliers to ensure smooth transactions. APPI Energy celebrated its 20th Anniversary of providing data-driven procurement solutions to During the last year, APPI Energy resolved businesses across the U.S. 519 customer service cases, including account changes, billing needs and customer requests. APPI Energy verifies bill accuracy and resolves procurement solutions to 2,345 commercial, industrial and nonprofit billing errors and credit issues. The Customer Service team evaluates customers in deregulated energy markets across the U.S. Operated by utility programs and regulatory policies to identify opportunities for its original founder, APPI Energy employs 37 team members, seven of reimbursements and financial incentives. APPI Energy determines if PA which have earned the Association of Energy Engineers’ Certified Chamber members qualify for energy sales tax exemptions, and secures Energy Procurement Professional credential. The firm reduces and refunds at no cost. The firm serves as an advocate for customers only, manages electricity and natural gas costs for members of 155 affinity never utilities or suppliers. groups, including the PA Chamber. Electricity Price Finder “In 1996, our mission was to develop a business that could assist businesses, both big and small, to negotiate electricity and natural gas I CATALYST WINTER 2017 11

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