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Precision Ag Solutions

2017-03-20 00:26:42

Plan, Manage, Execute,& Log with AgriWave AgriWavc is an online management solution designed to help you yield greater profitability. The all-in-one system allows users to manage entire farm or client operations from historic data, to sampling, planting, growing, and harvesting. AgriWave is designed to help you make better decisions, use fewer inputs, and earn a larger return on investment through careful management. Easy-To-Use Online Management Manage, track, process, and create in a single system with AgriWave. •Profile management •Asset management •Work order management •Management zone creation •Variable rate planting maps •Application maps •Report generation Advanced Data Analysis AgriWave’s fertility and data analysis tool is designed to improve efficiencies in new or existing precision ag businesses. The Precision agronomy platform electronically imports and communicates analysis results from dozens of top analytical soil labs for a seamless transfer of information. •Soil fertility •Yield, planting, Sc as-applied •Spatial analysis Records The simple, time saving design of AgriWave allows for easy creation of events for field and report generation. All action items and events are easily viewed and segmented by date to historic record items. Event action types include: application, harvest, planting, sampling, and other actions as well as costs, personnel, and equipment used across fields. • Advanced reporting Scin depth analysis •Detailed action summaries • Cost summaries, income reporting, & break-even analysis •Quick-Check Compliancy Mobile Scouter In conjunction with the Records module, Mobile Scouter allows user to create detailed observations and recommendations that incorporate GPS location, field data layers, and pre-populated product,pest, and crop databases. Field reports can be created directly from your mobile device before ever leaving the field, saving time and expediting client communication. Observations can be defined and associated at the field level, in specific regions or market to a specific point in the field. • Geo-tagged photos • GPS logged scout path • Mobile reporting direct from field to grower • Point region, or field level observations Sc recommendation services • Utilization o f all field spatial data layers to drivc observation process • Quick-Check Compliancy Precision Agronomy Mobile AgriWave’s professional soil sampling software increases the-speed and accuracy of the overall soil sampling process. Featuring wireless data syncing from the field, the system saves users time and allows jobs to be completed faster. When paired with the Advanced Data Analysis module, the mobile platform integrates with soil labs, lab equations, and custom equations to transfer collected field samples and setup job details. In the field, the system allows users to create grower maps for boundaries and submit them wirelessly. The system also allows users to organize events, send sample points to the mobile unit, and complete the work order. Built for scouting, the system allows observations to be taken from specific points while utilizing the camera to collect a snapshot to add to the observation. Recommendations can be created on the spot and reports can be generated and sent before ever leaving the field. Third-Party Integration W ithout ever leaving the AgriWave Platform benefit from the features o f back office, imagery, precision, and lab services. Precision Ag Services • Convert & import historic data into AgriWave • AgriWave training • Field Scouting • Completed by Precision Ag Specialist with ag-specific UAV • Managed though AgriWave • Soil Sampling • Samples taken with GVM AgriProbe for consistency in sampling depth and sample size • Charged by the sampled acres over three years • Managed through AgriWave • Zone and composite sampling also available • Agribotix Agrion: Easy-to-use drone-enabled technologies 8c service, purpose-built for agriculture. • System includes: drone, imaging system, tablet, training FarmLens Professional Data Processing, 8c support • Reports include: field health, variable application, & localized end-user reports • AgOtter Spray controls, applications where obstacles can cause a loss of GPS. • Monitor, control, & record application • Alarms direct to Apple devices for speed or rate issues • Combines inertial & magnetic sensors with GPS/GNSS to continue logging, mapping and flow control even if satellite signal is lost • Completed field work & recorded can wirelessly be sent to the office without leaving the field • Inspection & view all spray jobs remotely For pricing and availability o f Precision Ag products and services through Independent Ag, please call our Precision Ag Specialist, Jarrod Asper, at 717-357-0836 or by email, JEA@IndependentAg.com.

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