IAE News You Can Use - Q1 2017

Double Duty Spreader

2017-03-20 00:33:41

Only GVM’s Double Duty spreader body provides a repeatable, predictable, and pattern, every time. The Double Duty spreads a guaranteed flat, 90-105 foot pattern without time-consuming spinner, funnel, or chute adjustments between materials or rates. With pinpoint control, the funnel consistently forces material to the same location on the spinner disc. The Double Duty’s pinpoint precision, wide belt, and patented, reverse-rotating spinner design combine to produce the industry’s widest, most accurate spread pattern. The Double Duty body allows you to cover more acres annually; you’ll make fewer trips through the field, increasing productivity, minimizing soil compaction and fuel consumption. At spread widths up to 105 feet, and capacities up to 11 tons struck, the Double Duty spreader paired with the Prowler chassis will cover more ground, with fewer stops and more accuracy than any other applicator.

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