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2017-07-14 00:34:11

One sunny spring morning, I had the pleasure of visiting Mr. Steve Paul, a longtime farmer in central-Pennsylvania, and recently, a proud Mako owner and operator. As I neared his farm, it was clear that Steve had some difficult terrain to farm, the land was plagued with small tree-lined fields and steep rolling hills. Within minutes of meeting Steve, I learned that he not only takes a huge amount of pride in his well-maintained operation, but that he is truly committed to best management practices and strives to be the best at what he does. He considers all things and works hard to ensure he is able to maximize his yields by consulting with other professionals, keeping up with the latest technology, and making smart investments in his farm. Naturally, the first thing I wanted to know was, why he chose the Mako. Steve lightly responded, “Look around, this land is too hilly for hydrostatic spraying, I don’t want to be limited by my sprayer.” He went on to tell me how the Mako was truly the “ideal” machine for him, as it minimized his footprint and crop damage, therefore minimizing his yield loss. Steve continued, “all you can do as a farm manager is structure your operation to be the most efficient, because you can’t change the weather.” He believes in multiple applications, making the Mako, a small, high-speed sprayer, the perfect choice. This year, Steve will make multiple passes over 300 acres of corn, 150 acres of beans, 50 acres of barley, 70 acres of alfalfa, and 50 acres of pasture land with the Mako. But Steve wasn’t just pleased with the machine, noting that the sales team at IAE had done a great job at understanding his needs and his operation and then assisted him in selecting a machine that was “perfect for his operation.” He also bragged about the service he received from IAE, specifically, new Service Tech, Justin Mobley, who helped get him up and running as he learned the new Ag Leader system.

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