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Linda Maurer

" HSMAI has given me far more resources, professionally and personally, than any other industry organization I’ve been involved with for 20 years. Since my involvement with HSMAI over the past four years, I have grown professionally to three new positions within the same organization and I thank HSMAI for the endless education and leadership."<br /> <br /> - Linda maurer <br /> <br /> Director of national accounts, northeast, terranea resort & spa<br /> <br /> CURRENT CITY: AUSTIN, TX<br /> HOMETOWN: AUSTIN, TX<br /> FIRST JOB: COSMETICS AT WALGREENS ROLE IN <br /> HSMAI: CHAPTER PRESIDENT<br /> <br /> FAVORITE BLOG: DH&R’S HEALTHY MEETINGS<br /> THINGS YOU NEED MORE OF: EXERCISE<br /> THINGS YOU NEED LESS OF: SLOW PEOPLE IN THE FAST LANE

Read the full article at http://digital.graphcompubs.com/article/Linda+Maurer/1479192/171164/article.html.

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