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and a conviction for firearms not to be carried without a license (18 Pa. C.S. § 6106(a)(1) ). 1 The Appellant’s convictions originate from his relationship with a minor female, K.W. K.W., age 16, failed to report to school on April 1, 2008. Prior to the start of school, the Appellant apparently picked her up and assisted her in running away from home. Over the next seven days, Appellant and K.W. traveled between different resi-dences and motels in an effort to hide their whereabouts from K.W.’s parents. While in hiding, Appellant and K.W. were intimate. At the time, Appellant was 18 years of age. During the course of their rela-tionship, K.W. had aborted two separate pregnancies resulting from her relationship with the Appellant. Based upon this background, Appellant was charged with corruption of minors by Criminal Complaint dated April 21, 2008. On January 10, 2009, the Appellant’s father, Robert Warner (“Warner”), received a telephone call from his wife indicating that the Appellant was upset and had driven off in the family van. Warner attempted to contact Appellant by cell phone. After numerous unsuc-cessful attempts, Appellant returned his father’s call. He indicated that he had taken the family van and also had taken Warner’s gun. According to Warner, Appellant told him to call the police. Appellant further threatened that he was going to shoot K.W.’s father. Warner initially did not believe his son however realized the serious-ness of the situation when he discovered that his .40 caliber Glock 23 handgun was missing from where it had been stored. Upon discov-ering the missing handgun, Warner contacted police and advised them as to his conversation with his son. Officers from the Eastern Adams Regional Police Department immediately responded to K.W.’s residence. While at the residence, they observed Appellant reduce his speed as he drove by the residence. After a brief pursuit, a vehicle stop was conducted. While interacting with law enforcement, A non-jury trial was held before Senior Judge Oscar Spicer on December 22, 2009. Trial involved the consolidated cases of CP-01-CR-87-2009 and CP-01-CR-571-2008. In CP-01-CR-87-2009, the Appellant was convicted of aggravated assault and firearms not to be carried without a license. In CP-01-CR-571-2008, Appellant was convicted of corruption of minors in violation of 18 Pa. C.S. § 6301(a)(1). Senior Judge Spicer’s status as Senior Judge expired on December 31, 2009. Thereafter, your undersigned imposed sentence based upon the record on February 16, 2010. 1 171

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